Dear Susan,

The act of falling in love is still a mystery, scientists are yet to explain this phenomenon, how a complete stranger can enter your life,  take over your being,  thus becoming your world.

You once said you can’t live without me, I belived it to be true, for only the purest of truth could flow from the beautiful fountain of your succulent lips.  Pardon me dear Susan, but the last time i got a glimpse of your astonishing beauty,  your heart pumped with normality and your nostrils inhaled and exhaled air; how may this be true??

 For you once whispered with calm your voice that feels like the sun set, so beautiful yet divine, that your existence is based on our being together.  But Atlas you are doing just fine without me and here I am drowning waiting for your love to rescue me. Moving on was so easy for you, you bask openly in the euphoria of my emptiness, throwing parties and living the the dream alone. 

 I am beginning to doubt  if the thunder of love struck only me, we consumated our love under the covers of the plain moon light, you held me in your grasp and looked deep in to my eyes,  reaching for my soul and said “always and forever” the stars bear me witness , I believed every sweet sultry lie you fed me, swallowing my will to resist; dear Susan,  what did you mean?? How did forever end so soon?

You sold the good girl dream to me, but in reality it was only but a dream and your dreams never last.  You only used, manipulated and took advantage of me, You ruined me without hesitation thus leaving me with only grey days. You were indeed a wolf in sheeps clothing. “They” say love is blind, and today I became a honourable  member of the “they” society. 

You wanted love, committed, friendship, consistency and reciprocity. I gave you all and a piece of my soul included, but contentment was never your best feature. I gave you the best part of me sacred to me. I opend the dungeon where my demons hide for you to shine forth your light and kiss away my pains;  Yet what did you do?? You took my sunshine dear Susan and shut me in with my demons and left. I have learnt to love the darkness for it is better than your rainbow sugar coated web if deceit and lies you call love. 

I know is easy to hang myself in blames, The thought that I could have been a better man, loved you better, adored you as the royalty, “her majesty” is, the queen of my heart.  It plagues me daily and hunts my sleep as a reoccurring nightmare, I should have adorned you with gold and written your name across the farthest continent;  maybe i wasnt a good enough man for you,  one worthy of the heart of a queen. 

Let’s  take a pause,  I forgot to breath, thoughts of you are everly so consuming.

Nay!!!! The gods have turned their back on me and sent karma my way as punishment. 

The spirits have turned around and bit me right where my heart is. The thought kept pouring in like heavy rain non stop, maybe this was my entitlement. Maybe mother earth has had enough of me and felt it’s time I feel the pain that I’ve caused her treasured daughters. Maybe I am a dark wondering soul in need of this pain to find the right path home. 

Yes! I earned my dues, I stand guilty of the crime I have been accused of.  I have played the toddlers game with love and messed up it’s care and generosity, I grinded the hearts of gifts love bestowed upon me and blew it for the wind to scatter never to gather. 

I raised hopes of your daughters seeking love and protection. Oh mother earth and then broke their trust living a scar on their heart to remember me by  “I was here”

Pain is never easy but this has past my threshold, Justice has been served  and an eye has indeed been taken for an eye…  I return back to the depths of my dungeon waiting for a saviour 

Yours faithfully, 

Your past..


Broken III (the finale)

​As the boat sailed far from the shore, Jane Karsun undid her life jacket.”No one was watching”, she said to herself in a bid to reassure herself that she was doing the right thing.  

Suddenly, she began to question herself; was he worth it? How would her family and friends cope without her? She has yet to achieve half the goals she had set for herself. “Is love worth dying for?”, she pondered. 
But suicide was all she could think of all night. She stood up and without thinking twice, dived into the water…She allowed herself to sink deep, then soon after, started fighting for her life; her oxygen level began to drop; darkness was closing up on her so fast. She held her breath to avoid inhaling the water but couldn’t. Her throat became completely contracted with her eyes gazing straight up. 

The shore was far away like the ashes of the Second World War. She began to struggle desperately, but with each attempt, her body went limp. Then she finally succumbed to the ocean floor. 

She started having flashbacks of her life all over again “one last time before it’s over”, she thought to herself. Her beautiful childhood, family, friends, dreams, and sorry boyfriend. 

“So this is it.” “This is how my life will end!” “I deserve a more graceful death,” she muttered. But the struggle was over, with nothing to hold on to but regrets. She slowly faded away. Everything went pitch black all within seconds.

The moment Malson Ghai noticed what was happening, he dived into the lake in a desperate attempt  to rescue her – forgetting he couldn’t even swim. Love indeed makes you do crazy things.

On seeing the two, the boatman quickly beckoned on the lifeguards for help. But it took a while for the lifeguards to arrive the scene. And before they could get there, both Malson and Jane were already unconscious – floating, even.   

They got them out of the water and used cardiopulmonary resuscitation to get them conscious again. After series of chest compressions, Jane began to cough out water, but Malson remained unconscious. 

An ambulance was called in immediately. It arrived just in time for Jane and almost too late for Malson. They both were rushed to the intensive care unit. 


The man in blue hoodie….

Lying on the hospital bed with a heavy head, memories of the strange fellow she casually passed by came flashing. She was surprised that a total stranger could risk it all for her. This is someone whose name she doesn’t even know.

Although she was semi-conscious, she could still hear the female nurses gossip about the  folly of a young man who risked his life to save someone he barely even knows. Unfortunately, he gave up the ghost thirty minutes after they got to the hospital. 

“No!!! He can’t be dead!!!!”, she screamed on top of her lungs. “He didn’t know me, yet he died for me.” 

The nurses rushed in.

“Please tell me he is still alive, I dont even know his name!”

They did everything they could to calm her down, all to no avail. They then resorted to administer her a sedative.

As her eyes closed due to the effect of the drug, tears came pouring out the corner of her eyes; how could someone give up his life to save her? That was one of a million and one questions running through her mind. 

This was love, but it died as swiftly as it came. 
The End… 

broken II

​​It was a cold day,  one could say “jack frost ” had made an appearance and mother earth held a *frosty* reception in his honour. 

On this day,  “Malson Ghai” was sitting alone, he was quite the charmer, he was putting on a  blue hoodie, a jeans and a pair of black Nike Air Max . 

He was slowly sipping a glass of Vodka  as a revolt to the frost reception. He had his earpiece on, nodding to the sound of his favorite Jon Bellion song (the good in me). The day couldn’t get any better. 

Just as he thought nothing more magical could happen, he saw her. BOOM!!!  There was a surge in magical emotions- Cupid had paid him a visit-she was walking towards the entrance of the resort.  She was dark, 5.1ft tall, braided hair, with hazel brown eyes, you could see God through her eyes, she had no sweaters on, her lips were dry and in need of moisture, with a white and dust-crested face; she was clearly feeling the wrath of the harmattan, still, her beauty wasn’t tainted. 

He watched as  she walked passed him and made her way to the boat, his heart leaped; she can’t be human – she must be a goddess, my missing rib, he thought to himself. He must have done something right for the gods to send such a beauty his way.  He has got to meet her.  

Before he could process the out pour of thoughts in his head,  he was walking right behind her like he was remote-controlled.

But before he could make his way through the crowd  to say “hi” she had already paid for her fare, had an orange coloured life jacket on and was aboard the boat. He looked on as the boat started sailing, leaving the shores of love. He kept staring at her, he could swear he had seen her before in his dreams or another life maybe. 

Then it clicked.  He had met her at the Chinese Garden two weeks ago when he went to get a cup of  fura da nono spiced up with blended apple. She was the same girl,  it wasn’t mere coincidence; it was fate. 

On the said day she was in company of her friends when he first saw her,  it was love at first sight. He braced up and asked her if she had a minute to spare but she rudely said no. 
As he walked back to his seat, her friends made fun of him and they all started laughing. It was an embarrassing moment. 

 Fate had given him a second chance on this girl and he wasn’t gonna toss it away. For fate doesn’t make a mistake. 

He sat at the shores of the lake rehearsing what he will say to her then suddenly …
Last episode tomorrow

Broken I

​It was 21st December and the weather was cold and foggy. Dry wind whistled. Even the sun seem to be feeling  the cold as it had a hard time rising from  bed. It was a typical day in Jos, Plateau State. Those kind of days that made the city pride itself as ‘The little London of Nigeria’ .

On a normal Saturday morning, Jane would have been sitting on the couch with a hot mug of tea dressed like  some one from Antarctica, watching TV and enjoying the serenity.

That meant nothing to Jane Karsun  today.  She had bearly slept last night. The idiot had called around 9.30pm to call off thier relationship. She could still recount the exact words he had said in her head. His husky, manly and ugly voice still rang in her head.  She still couldnt believe how the same voice useto send shivers down her spine. She was stupid .  
At 31 years old, this was her 10th heartbreak. Every single one of them was painful but she was defiant, brave and stubborn as she fought her way back to love again and again -but not this one. None felt this painful. Tears dropped as she glanced at the engagement ring he gave her 6 years ago. Her friends now refer to her as “the lord of the rings” a testament to how long she had  worn it.
She cursed the day her car broke down and she had to accept a ride from him. She  silenty cursed  her mechanic too.  If only his number had gone through she won’t have followed the idiot in his car. She cursed the day fate crossed their path. 

Jane  Karsun couldn’t  help but remember those sweet words and charm in his eyes on that fateful evening  they meet-his thick red lips, big nose, his broad chest, those bright eyes, his roguishness,  height, skin tone, D’banj esque face and the fine Ranger Rover sports. If only she had listen to the voice of reasoning which kept telling her it was too good to be true. Foolish girl she murmured to herself …

But its too late now. Her heart was broken.She felt  dishearten.  She have had enough. She felt it might be better if she didn’t exist at all.  If she just ……..died.

She  couldn’t take it anymore. She thought of different ways to commit suicide in a less painful way. She hated pain. She thought of taking an insecticide but knew it will hurt her stomach . She thought of using a knife or hanging herself,  but both seemed painful. Then it struck her, ‘drowning’ , yes she would drown herself.

As the cab started approaching Rayfield resort-this useto be thier favourite spot. She remembered one cold evening they drove to the lake on her request. Under the gaze of the full moon, her head resting on his shoulders, his arms wrapped around her, she had asked,
“Are we wasting our time?”        
 His face suddenly change in anger.  

‘ How many times would we talk about this? Please don’t start again ‘. 
He got irritated anytime she brought up this topic. 
 ‘But Baby am not getting any younger’ she said with a weary face.
 ” I have priorities other than marriage. If you can’t wait for me, you can call it off”.  Still furious.
She thought of calling it quits that moment, but after spending five years with him “where will she start from???” She thought to herself. 

 The driver made the final turn before Rayfield Resort  She asked him to stop.  She paid him and quickly made her way to the resort .  She had planned to jump in the lake  during the boat ride.  She was determined to end it right there the same spot he had first kissed her.
She walked passed the gate with determination in her teary eyes. 

To be continued…

Tale of two lovers 

​I was once told by a friend, there was no greater agony than bearing an untold story…
There was once a boy from the East. He had a beautiful heart, full of hope,  adventure and above all desire to love- but he felt empty.

One day, the boy from the East met a girl from the oil rich South and almost immediately fell in love with her, it was love at first sight. He had fallen for her charm, the soft way she spoke, her shyness and the way she laughed… She fell for his boldness, the way he looked at her… He made her feel lke a queen… They were very happy together, it had to be the ultimate love story, It was the kind of love to last a life time…. Little did they know the gods had a different plan for them….
They broke an old tradition!
Unknown to the love birds it was uncustomary for a boy from the East to give his heart to anyone other than a girl from the the East . His blood was deemed sacred and only a girl sacred as him was to be his wife.  The god’s were angry, they would teach them a lesson.
War broke out between the Easterners and the Southerners, which forced the girl and her parents to move back to the south.It felt like the end of the world, she felt crushed. She was inflicted with a monster called heartbreak .  She felt powerless and as the monster grew the boy seem farther and farther away from her.She felt very lonely . 
As the  year went by , the boy began to see it as a speeding darkness that was tearing him up from the inside.  He felt even more alone, little did he know the worst was yet to come. He was recruited to fight the war…
What if he died?, what if he was never reunited with the love of his life???… He didn’t care. He fought the wars like the gods were his enemy. He spilled blood like it was rain in the Savannah. Some said the gods kept him but he scorned that thoughts. Only her thoughts kept him alive. There was so much blood shed and with every man he killed, he felt his heart harden. 
Then there was hope.
The war finally ended, she was to reunit with her lover.It felt like the gods had finally smiled at them . They got reunited again, but they felt like strangers, the love that was once so alive felt numb and dead …the heart that was so bright and beautiful had been tainted with blood.
They talked about everything that they’ve  been through but it didn’t work. The boy had lost his desire for her. All he felt was  blood lust… He was now a robot. 
Comon sense told him to let her go as he has lost the last  shred of humanity in him, she deserved to be happy.So he decided to give her her heart back – his motivation for fighting all those years…
But when he held it out she noticed that it was in bad shape.  He hadn’t been careful  with it. The monster had devoured it-in shreds . The once shiny red heart had now been coarse black in his hands . 
As the girl reached out to take what was left of her heart it slipped off and broke into inretrivable pieces. She looked on with teary eyes, Natin could b done to console her…. 
They have both loved and lost, but……. They would live to love another day…”